Interdisciplinary Conference

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
1 - 3 February 2018


  • Department of Film Studies / Media Dramaturgy,
    Institute of Film, Theater and empirical Cultural Studies
  • Institute of Geography

Venues: Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Senatssaal, Naturwissenschaftliches Institutsgebäude, Joachim-Becher-Weg 21), Media House (Wallstraße 11)

Organized by Oksana Bulgakowa, Anton Escher, Roman Mauer & Elisabeth Sommerlad

The focus of the international and interdisciplinary conference is the question of media imagery of New Orleans. For this purpose, researchers from different disciplines and contexts (eg film studies, cultural studies, media studies, geography, architecture etc.), who deal in different ways with research on New Orleans, will come together to discuss this topic.  Historical and contemporary imaginations of New Orleans will be explored from different medial perspectives and medial imaginations (for example literary, cinematic, and discursive). We would like to concentrate on interdependent interrelationships and differences between these medial imaginations as well as the interactions of the life of the city with different media forms (film, tv shows, literature, music) and the impact of media on the city (film productions and on-location shootings). Presentations will also include a media-related perspective on different topics associated to the city of New Orleans - such as its colonial, cross-cultural, and multilingual heritage, jazz music, creolization, architecture, Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood South.


Thursday February 1st, 2018

6pm: Key Note
Helen  Morgan-Parkett (UVM, Burlington,  Vermont):
Down  in  Treme:  Race,  Place,  and  New Orleans  on Television

Venue: Alter Senatssaal, Naturwissenschaftliches Institutsgebäude, Joachim-Becher-Weg 21, Campus, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

8pm: Reception & Dinner at “Heiliggeist”


Friday February 2nd, 2018

10:00-10:30: Introduction
10:30-12:30: Session 1: Mapping New Orleans
12:30-14:00: Lunch
14:00-16:30: Session 2: Medial Imaginations - Film
16:30-17:00: Coffee Break
17:00-19:30: Movie Screening Schultze Gets the Blues (D 2003, 112 min., Michael Schorr), Original Version with English Subtitles

Venue: Media House, Wallstraße 11, 55122 Mainz


Session 1: Mapping New Orleans

Tara McPherson (USC, Los Angeles)
Monuments and Memory
Chris  Lukinbeal (UA, Tucson,  Arizona)
Situating  New  Orleans  with  the  North  American  Film  Production Market
Laura Sharp (UA, Tucson, Arizona)
Location Filming in New Orleans

Session 2: Medial Imaginations - Film

James Deutsch (CFCH, Washington)
“Bad Lieutenant” in the Ruins of New Orleans
Anton Escher & Elisabeth Sommertag (JGU, Mainz)
A Streetcar Named Desire – Visions of New Orleans

Roman Mauer (JGU, Mainz)
The Atmosphere of the Swamp: Cinematic Narrations in Cloudy Waters
Joern  Langhorst (CU, Denver,  Colorado)
Place,  Experience  and  Identities:  Imag-(in)ing  Radical  Place Change through Film


Saturday February 3rd, 2018

 9:00-11:00: Session 3: Katrina
11:00-11:30: Coffee Break
11:30-13:00: Session 4: Myths and Chronotopoi
13:00-13:30: Coffee Break
13:30-15:00: Dialogue with film director Michael Schorr
15:00-15:30 Discussion & Closing

Venue: Media House, Wallstraße 11, 55122 Mainz

Session 3: Katrina

Veronika Cummings (JGU, Mainz)
Katrina and the Medial Representation of Social Injustice
Kaspar König (ZHdK, Zürich / JGU, Mainz)
The sound after Katrina. A scavenge approach to catastrophy.
Florian Freitag (JGU, Mainz / Germersheim)
Hurricane Katrina on the Opera Stage

Session 4: Myths and Chronotopoi

Oksana Bulgakowa (JGU, Mainz)
Road movies: All Roads Lead to New Orleans
Severin Müller (JGU, Mainz)

"You're not from the South": (Out) Of Time, Place and Race in „The Skeleton Key“ (2005)


Film Director Michael Schorr (Berlin)
From Saxony-Anhalt to Louisiana: Dialogue with Michael Schorr about Schultze Gets the Blues